Peacock Inspirations For Full Artificial Christmas Trees

Considered one of the most beautiful and majestic birds out there, peacocks are often one of those glorified animals that people love. They love their colors, their mannerisms and much more. With this being said, it comes as no surprise when people are using peacocks as an inspiration for decorating their full artificial Christmas trees. So, how can you do this for your full artificial Christmas trees? We have a few ideas that you can integrate, whether you use them all or just a few, it is completely up to you!

The Majestic Peacock: A Regal Inspiration for Artificial Christmas Trees


1. Go with lights that are in a color. Rather than go with the traditional white lights, consider using dark purple lights. These lights are going to remind you of peacocks!

2. Use real feathers. Take some of these feathers and pop these throughout the full artificial Christmas trees. You will find that this is a great way to make your tree really show your love of peacocks.

3. Use ornaments in corresponding peacock colors. These may include deep purples, dark greens, copper, some mellow yellow, some shades of green, and even a rich brown. And of course, be sure to include some iridescent blues throughout the tree as well. We would suggest using bulb ornaments so that these do not distract from the feathers that are throughout the tree.

4. Make a topper out of peacock feathers to really bring this theme to the forefront of the tree. You will find that with a little imagination, you can make this into something that is going to be breathtaking.

The colors of peacocks go together so well, that is why so many people use this as the basis for their Christmas d├ęcor. It is unique, yet also elegant, which is what many people want to achieve.