Drop your guest’s jaws with these stunning Christmas decoration tips

Creative Christmas Decorations Guaranteed to Impress Your Guests

Ever considered how your year would be if Christmas was never in the picture?

Well, don’t try!

Christmas makes the world feel fulfilled–and that’s no overstatement.

But what’s a Christmas season without the trees?

Again and again, Christmas has proven the best part of every year, and for the most part, it comes with several goodies and yummies.

Decorating a Christmas tree may sometimes be tricky. No one knows it all. For some, they are enough with a little bit of Christmas ornaments and lights, but some want more. Others may want nothing except the lights, while some exclude the lights. Whatever your choice–particularly when it comes to styling the 15 foot artificial Christmas tree, it is important that your decorations match the color theme you have chosen for the season and are properly affixed to your tree.

Here are basic steps to follow to make a beauty out of your 15 foot artificial Christmas tree this holiday.

Setting Up!

Chose the best location to place your tree and set it up, assembling it from the base upward. Spread out the branches and you assemble.

The Power of Lighting: Transforming Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

Christmas lights are the life of the party. Lightly weave your Christmas tree up in Christmas lights; if your tree is not pre-lit from the top down. Test the light and replace dead bulbs first before stringing them on your tree.

Tree Toppers!

Tree toppers come in different sizes, shapes, styles and colors. They can be pre-lit or not. Place them on the side of your tree since your tree is quite tall and there might not be enough space between the ceiling and your tree. They don’t necessarily have to be on top of the tree.


Weave your garland from the top of your downward in a spiral manner or attach them to top and let them hand down vertically.


There are many options of ornaments to choose from. Select the one that goes perfectly with your décor theme.

Enjoy the holiday.