10 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees: 5 Tips For Decorating Like A Pro

We all have seen pics of those 10 foot artificial Christmas trees that look stunning…they seem to be decorated with an assortment of ornaments that are still keeping with the theme, they have a glow about them, and they look just about perfect. So, how can you decorate your 10 foot artificial Christmas trees this year like a pro? We have 5 tips that you can use that are not only going to make decorating a bit easier but also help with the overall look of the tree.

1. Always use a ladder!

These are 10 foot artificial Christmas trees, thus you are going to need a ladder to reach those areas that are out of reach. By using this, you are going to ensure that your tree is decorated fully and is well balanced with the ornaments and colors of your choice.

2. Pick one to three colors that you will utilize in your tree.

By keeping this number between one and three you are going to create a more cohesive look.

3. Be sure that you have the correct number of ornaments.


Remember, you are decorating 10 foot artificial Christmas trees so this is going to take a lot more ornaments than a 6 foot tree! Make sure that you have enough so you don’t risk not being able to find what you need as Christmas gets closer and closer.

4. Make this a fun experience.

Nothing says that when you are decorating your tree that this cannot be fun. And you will find that many professional decorators state that you should have fun with this in order to ensure this fun is seen in everything that you do.

5. Take your time!

This is not a race. Don’t feel like you have to have the tree completely done in a few hours. You can take your time so this looks amazing.