How to find the best flocked artificial Christmas tree height for your space

There are many different types of Christmas trees, but not everyone loves variety. For some, it is either Flocked artificial Christmas trees or nothing.

Don’t get stuck with a tree that’s too tall or too short!

Here’s your chance if that describes you!

 We’ve seen trees like these in many different styles of homes during Christmas time.

They are gorgeous, timeless Christmas decorations that feature frosted branches and transform a home into a paradise.

Trees under $100 will be often cheaper, mid-range flocked trees will be of better quality and last longer for generally $100-200, and investment flocked trees over $200 will be of the best quality.

The advantages of opting for a taller or shorter flocked artificial Christmas tree

When shopping for a flocked artificial Christmas tree, keep in mind that they can come pre-lit or unlit.

Here we’ll help you find your ideal flocked artificial Christmas tree within minutes. Based on their height, we’ve narrowed down to two main sizes: mini and medium flocked Christmas trees!

Mini Flocked Christmas Trees

We’ll begin with mini flocked trees or those that are under five feet tall.

You can decorate these mini trees in your small apartment or at the entrance to your home to add a little festive spirit without getting your guests overwhelmed.

2 Foot Mini Flocked Christmas tree with Burlap Base

The base of this small Christmas tree is made of burlap, and the branches are full and thick.

Medium Flocked Christmas Trees

Here’s where you can find a 6 to 7.5 foot tall flocked Christmas tree that will fit nicely inside an 8 feet high living room!

Affordable 6-Foot Snow Flocked Christmas tree

A 6-foot snow-flocked Christmas tree, this is the most affordable and high-quality tree we found on the internet. It’s ready to hang in your living room right out of the box and comes with a metal stand!