Common risks associated with pre-lit Christmas trees

The Electrical Risks of Pre-Lit Christmas Trees: Don’t Let Your Holidays Go Up in Flames

A Christmas tree creates a magical atmosphere in your home with lights twinkling and ornaments sparkling. Using artificial trees is a great way to decorate all night, but knowing whether you can leave your pre-lit Christmas tree plugged in is pretty essential.

The danger of a live tree becoming dry and potentially a fire hazard is a fairly common knowledge, but the arrangement of lighting winds through branches can be disastrous if the necessary precautions aren’t followed – even for artificial trees.

An artificial tree poses a fire risk due to the electrical components within the lights. In light of this, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advises turning off pre-lit Christmas trees of any kind “before you leave home or go to sleep.”


The Environmental Impact of Pre-Lit Christmas Trees: Are You Doing More Harm Than Good?

The NFPA reported that electrical problems cause one in four home Christmas tree fires. Fires can happen quickly when you have artificial trees which use electricity to keep their lights on, and are even more dangerous and destructive if you’re not at home or asleep at the time.

According to Richey Austin, a Safety Health Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) expert in Houston, Texas, a properly protected home from Christmas trees’ fire hazards can save a lot of lives. “When there is a fire, it can double in size every minute, so detecting and extinguishing it quickly is vital,” Austin says. It is therefore imperative that you verify that your smoke detectors are working and that you have a fire extinguisher available in the event of a fire.”

A fire can be prevented from igniting with the right precautions when purchasing an artificial tree. According to a representative from the artificial tree manufacturer Balsam Hill, choosing a tree that is flame-resistant or has other safety features can minimize fire risks.