The Rare (and Unusual) Pre-lit Christmas Trees Ideas

Like Santa Claus, carols and presents, the Christmas tree is also a very dearly loved tradition. However, if you wish to break away from the conventional tree decorations, you need not worry. There are plenty of rare and non-traditional ideas that will allow you to make a bold statement. These ideas will also get all of your family members and friends talking.

Pre-lit Christmas trees offer an array of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from, which means you won’t be limited to the traditional big green pine tree. You can opt for different colors, such as white or pink, and can also choose the kind of lights you desire—for instance, warm glow, cool glow or multicolor glow.  To give you a good head start, we have here a list of unique ideas so you can begin your tree shopping today! Let’s start.

Snowman Pre-lit Christmas Tree

This idea is perfect if you have kids and wish to cater to their love for snowmen. All you need for this theme is a completely white pre-lit Christmas tree and a toy snowman. You can stuff the snowman in the tree from the top so that only the head is visible. Add a red and white scarf the snowman’s neck as well as some other Christmas ornaments of your choice for a delightful and bright theme.

A Slim Ombre Pre-lit Christmas Tree


A great thing about artificial Christmas trees is that they come in various funky styles, including gradients. For a sultry yet sophisticated look, choose a slim black and silver ombre tree that will easily fit in any tiny space. And there is nothing traditional about it. Add some matching black, silver, or even gold ornaments, and you will be left with a professional-looking tree.

Rose Gold Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Rose gold is not a traditional Christmas tree color, but it is nevertheless very popular, especially among the younger population. You will easily be able to get your hands on this type of pre-lit Christmas tree. You can then decorate it with gold and silver baubles, ribbons, and wreaths. You can also consider adding a rose-colored skirt for a more striking look.

An Upside-down Pre-lit Christmas Tree

For an element of surprise, you could experiment with an upside-down tree that features high-quality PVC needles to resemble natural foliage. When choosing this kind of tree, make sure the stand that will hold the tree in place is sturdy enough. Go about adding your Christmas decorations to the tree as you normally would (except for a tree topper, you will have to skip that), and you will surely have an end result that will become a memorable topic of discussion.

Pre-lit Christmas trees are excellent for eliminating the hassle that comes with lighting the tree. You will have different light options to pick from, but we recommend opting for LED lights that will help you economize on your energy bills and will not wear out with time and use, thus saving you some bucks in the future.