Artificial Christmas Trees: Snowman Topper DIY

Why Artificial Christmas Trees Are the Way to Go

One of the more fun activities that you can do this year with artificial Christmas trees is to make your own ornaments and toppers for your tree. Why do this? If you have kids, they are going to love this arts and craft project. But, you will find it also adds a sense of whimsicalness to your artificial Christmas trees, and it is something that everyone in your family can be proud of. Even if you don’t have kids, but you love to sit down and do a little crafting, then making your own topper for your tree is something that you can easily do.

A Snowman topper for your artificial Christmas trees is great for those who want to go with a fun theme, for those who want something that is a bit different, and for those who want to bring to life some of the more fun movies and books that surround Christmas.

How to Transform Your Artificial Tree into a Winter Wonderland

So, how can you make your own snowman topper? There are tons of ways, but for those who want the quickest and easiest way, here is what you need to do:

1. Find a plush snowman that is only the head and the hat.  You will find that you may have to cut off the body and then sew shut the rest of this so it doesn’t lose stuffing. You can try to make one on your own, but this just helps to get the topper done faster.

2. Get ribbon and make a huge bow that has numerous colors in it. You can go with polka dots, stripes, whatever you want that is in Christmas colors and is fun.

3. Take the bow and attach this to the bottom of your stuffed Snowman head and hat.

4. Use a long craft stick to ensure the bow and the snowman head stay together. And then place this onto the top of your tree. You may have to use some string to tie this around the top to ensure that it stays.