Keeping your trees safe with pets in the home

Got a pet in your home and bothered about how to keep your trees safe this Christmas? Read this. You’ll find all you need to know about ensuring safety!

Christmas tree Lights

If your pet has not be trained not to chew on the cords that lead to the lights, then you should position lights away from the very bottom of your flocked Christmas tree.

 An electric cord injury can cause serious damage to the mouth tissue and may permanently impair the ability to eat, among other issues, including difficulty in breathing and sometimes, death. Keep an eye on the wires of electric lights for traces of chewing or (a fire hazard).

Christmas Ornaments

Hang your most precious ornaments on the highest branch of your tree, and be sure to secure them firmly. Select ornaments that will not break easily to make your holiday season easier.

 If the ornaments you are displaying are delicate, glass or valuable, you might want to create a place where your pet cannot reach them.

You can display them in a shadowbox on the wall, or you can hang them from a garland over the mantel or placed over the windows or doorway.


Although tinsel is a beautiful tree decoration, it can also be extremely dangerous. It’s highly likely that your dog could suffer, or even die, of intestinal obstruction if it ingests just a few tinsel strands. Same applies with edible ornaments like candy canes, cranberry strings, and popcorn.

 A string can tear a pet’s intestine and put its life in danger. If you leave these things on your tree, your pet will climb the tree to get at them.

Other decorations that could be hazardous to your pets include garlands, angel hair, a plastic or spun glass decoration, mistletoe, lit candles and liquid potpourri, which can either be ingested or spilled.

You will enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season with your pet when you know you’ve taken all the measures or cautions to ensure it’s is not harmed.