Choosing between Christmas trees–unlit, pre-lit and others

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree: Unlit, Pre-lit, and Beyond

Choosing one artificial tree from such a large selection can be overwhelming. The options on the market are either flocked Christmas trees, unlit, snowy or pre-lit.

Here, we have reviewed the benefits of both pre-lit and unlit Christmas trees in order to help you choose the right one for your home.

You may want to consider a pre-lit Christmas tree if you detest the stress that comes with untangling lights. You don’t have to do anything at all to have a pre-lit tree up and running once you open the box. All it takes is fluffing the branches and plugging them in.

The Classic Unlit Tree: Simple and Sophisticated

There are, however, drawbacks to pre-lit trees, and that includes light issues. Typically, lights are fixed and they can hardly ever be moved. Besides, there are much fewer bulbs than if you were to add them yourself, and you almost always only get to choose one color – white.

Unlit trees are perfect if you feel that decorating the tree yourself is an important part of Christmas. It is up to you to pick the style and color of lights you want to use on the tree and how they are placed. Nevertheless, this takes a lot more work and can be very time-consuming than when you use a pre-lit Christmas tree.

Compared with buying a tree and lights separately, a pre-lit tree is often more cost-effective. The lights on an artificial tree typically last for many years, but may not last as long on a pre-lit tree, in which case you could have a perfectly good tree with faulty lights that are often irreplaceable, causing you to have to dress it with separate lights.

But yeah, the choice is yours. You decide which tree and style suits your home—whether unlit or pre-lit, or even flocked Christmas trees and then you go for it.