The star of Bethlehem – What the wise men saw

Christmas is filled with a lot of beliefs, some myths or legends, some true. If you are like me who loves everything that brings fun and long-lasting memories, then you will carry on those beliefs and customs without so much as a glance into their meanings as far as the most important thing remains, which is the love shared with our friends and families.

The Star of Bethlehem – A Puzzle of Astronomy and Astrology

However, the story of the three magi is one of the most argued beliefs and stories of the beautiful season. In as much as it makes us wonder, it also leaves us with many questions than answers: who exactly were the three wise men, what did they see and so on.

We are going to be looking into what the wise men saw. This question usually rotates around specific facts: did they saw a star? Did they exist, or is the story portrayed by the book of Matthew in the bible exaggerated?

Theories, Legends, and Theological Perspectives on the Star’s Significance

Sometimes the wise men are believed to be kings, but a more accurate description accepted by many people is that they were astrologers. The book of Matthew told a story of them witnessing an important astronomical event. This even predicted the birth of Jesus, the Messiah, according to the book of Matthew. There have been many debates surrounding the celestial event which they saw. What exactly was the star of Bethlehem?

It was referred to as a star in the book of Matthew. But within human limits, stars are unchanging and fixed. Also, astrologers of that time don’t focus on the stars rather focused on astronomical events itself. Some belief says the Bethlehem star refers to the appearance of a particular star before sunrise or seeing of certain stars and planets in the sky. It has also been associated with the helical rising. This is when a constellation or planet is seen in the sky, just before sunrise.