Storing a Prelit Christmas Tree

Why Store a Prelit Christmas Tree?

For those who decided that the ease of a prelit Christmas tree is for them, they have purchased this and now have it gracing their home. However, what happens when it comes time to store these trees? Are there specific things you should keep in mind to ensure that this stored properly? The good news is that this is not going to take any new or specific item to have on hand to store these trees. With common sense and good planning, you can make certain that the prelit Christmas tree that you have purchased will be around for many years to come.

Tips for Storing a Prelit Christmas Tree

For those who are going to be storing a prelit Christmas tree this year, they are going to want to make sure that they are following these tips!

  1. Be sure that you are not storing this in an area that could experience water or moisture. Water and moisture is damaging to artificial trees, whether they are prelit or not. You may consider placing this tree on a shelf or somehow getting this off the floor in the event that there is a water issue.
  2. Consider purchasing a tree bag or using the original box to store this tree in. You will want to keep this tree covered as best as possible to prevent dirt and debris from getting onto this tree and then having to clean this before placing it backup the next year.
  3. Be careful when taking apart the tree to put it up, as you do not want to damage any of the light wires on the tree. Damaging wires, can make the whole tree not work when plugged in next year.
  4. If you have a prelit tree with numerous cord endings and the like, be sure that they are carefully arranged so they are not getting tangled. Tangles can lead to pulling and breaking!
  5. If you do use the original box to store this in, consider placing bubble wrap or something on the top to help to add some protection to the tree.

Storing a prelit Christmas tree is really no different than storing any other kind of artificial tree. You will find that it may even be easier to put this tree away since you are not having to deal with removing a ton of lights from the tree! Whatever you do, remember that the better care you take of this tree now, the longer it will last.