The King of Christmas Trees and the Library of Santa Claus: A Reading with a View Experience

The King of Christmas Trees: A Symbol of Winter Magic

Amid winter wonderlands and holiday festivities, there is one symbol that stands out above the rest: the Christmas tree. But have you ever wondered where this tradition originated or why the trees we use today are typically evergreens?

The Christmas tree as we know it today can be traced back to 16th century Germany, where trees were decorated with apples, wafers, and tinsel and used as centerpieces for Christmas celebrations. The use of evergreen trees dates back even further, with ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Romans using them to represent eternal life and the coming of spring.

Today, the king of Christmas trees is often considered the Fraser fir. Known for its sturdy branches and wonderful fragrance, this tree species is native to the Southeastern United States and has become the most popular choice for holiday decorations.

During the holiday season, many families traditionally select a fresh-cut Christmas tree and decorate it together. The evergreen leaves of the tree are said to represent hope and rebirth, making it a perfect symbol for the joyous spirit of the holidays.

The Library of Santa Claus: A Collection of Winter Wonders

While the king of Christmas trees may be the star of the show, many other beloved symbols and stories are associated with the holiday season. One of the most famous figures is, of course, Santa Claus.

But did you know a library is dedicated to all things Santa Claus? Located in Rovaniemi, Finland, the hometown of Santa Claus, the library has a vast collection of books, articles, and other materials related to the jolly older man in red.

Here, visitors can explore books on the history of Santa, his reindeer, and even his workshop. The library also hosts regular events and activities for children, including story times, craft activities, and even visits from Santa himself.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a fresh morning and spend some time in the holiday spirit, there’s no better place than the library of Santa Claus. Take a moment to meditate amidst the winter wonderland and dive into the magical world of holiday wonders.


The holiday season is a time for celebration, joy, and wonder. Whether you’re decorating a Christmas tree, enjoying the warmth of a cozy fire, or exploring the library of Santa Claus, there is no shortage of magic. We hope that this reading with a view guide has inspired you to dive deeper into the rich history and traditions of the holiday season and to find a little bit of peace and joy amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.